7 Amazon Affiliate tools you need

There are a few Amazon Affiliate tools that may help Amazon Affiliates enhance website traffic and earnings.

In this article I will go through the main tools used today by Amazon Affiliates.

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a great amazon affiliate tools when it comes to SEO. It has tools for building links, researching keywords, analyzing competitors, keeping track of your site’s rank, and auditing your site.

2. Keywordchef

Keyword Chef, a keyword research tool, helps you find profitable, low-competition keywords. These phrases are discovered mechanically by the program based on the information you provide, with irrelevant keywords removed.

3. SEMrush

Semrush does keyword research, evaluates your competition’s keyword strategy, assesses your blog’s SEO, identifies backlinking opportunities, and more. Internet marketers worldwide trust Semrush.

4. Amazon link checker

Use the link checker in Amazon’s Associates dashboard to quickly and simply verify the correct structure of the links you’re sharing with your audience.

5. Amazon OneLink

When an international visitor clicks on an affiliate link to buy something on Amazon, OneLink sends them to the Amazon website in their own country. So, people from other countries can look at product details in their own language and currency, and they can use their existing Amazon accounts to make purchases on the Amazon site in their own country, getting free shipping and/or Prime membership benefits that they may have already set up.

6. Amazon Keyword Analyzer

Amazon Keyword Analyzer results

This tool lets you enter an idea for an Amazon product you want to promote and get useful information for Amazon Affiliates, like the average price, how well the product sells, and how much money you make per sale. This tool is great because it saves you a lot of time so you can focus on marketing products that will make you money.

7. Amazon Product Analyzer

Another useful tool by AffiliateWorthy — Enter an Amazon.com product link and get Sales Performance insights. This specialized tool for Amazon affiliates lets you see how much money a single product makes, together with other performance metrics, so you can decide if it’s worth mentioning in your article. It will earn you more money and save your audience time and money that they would have spent on low-quality products.