How to check Amazon product commission

As an Amazon Affiliate you want to check Amazon product commission for each and every product you promote. Amazon has a table that states commission rates by departments, but sometime you don’t know what department an item belongs to.

This makes it time-consuming to calculate a product’s commission.

A tool to check product commission

If you want to check a specific item for its revenue you’ll make you can use a free feature in one of AffiliateWorthy’s tools: Amazon Product Analyzer.

One of its features is finding out how much you will earn per sale. Revenue Per Sale is displayed to you in seconds.

How to use Amazon Product Analyzer

  1. Enter your product URL
Check affiliate commission with Amazon Product Analyzer

2. Get important metrics for amazon affiliates, one of them is Revenue Per Sale.

Revenue Per Sale (the commission you will get in USD) is calculated and displayed to you in seconds

Find alternative items with better Revenue Per Sale

Paid users of AffiliateWorthy also get suggestions for similar items that can be used instead of the one they were looking for if its Revenue Per Sale or other metrics don’t meet their needs.