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Amazon Affiliates use AffiliateWorthy to increase their earnings

You waste time and effort on articles that don't bring in much or any Amazon affiliate commission.

You are not clear on what your article's commission earnings will be.

You don't go after articles with much ambition and focus.

You get traffic that does not translate into profit.

How much commission will I earn selling this product? What's the average price for a product like this?

Answering these questions before pursuing a keyword is critical, and requires repetitive and time-consuming research.

AffiliateWorthy saves time and effort for Amazon Affiliates by doing the time-consuming and labor-intensive task of product research automatically, and in bulk.

Amazon Affiliates that use AffiliateWorthy save hours of product research every month.

By focusing on the right products, AffiliateWorthy customers increase their earnings dramatically.

Find out how profitable a product or sub-niche is in seconds.

Demo of AffiliateWorthy, a tool for Amazon Affiliates to increase their earnings

What you get when you search AffiliateWorthy

Average Price - The average price of keyword's top 10 Amazon products.

Average Revenue Per Sale - The average affiliate commission in USD, of the top 10 Amazon products for that keyword.

What makes this tool different?

Easily copy data to a spreadsheet by highlighting and copying it.

AffiliateWorthy focuses on the metrics that are the most important for Amazon Affiliates.

AffiliateWorthy is simple to use. No complicated metrics that are based on far out estimations. Only metrics that are facts to work with.

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