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Amazon Influencers focused on creating onsite product review videos to be displayed on the Amazon product details page top video carousel.

AffiliateWorthy constantly searches for Amazon products with high commissions, high sales, and available influencer video slots.

Every Monday your account will be allocated 7 unique Amazon product IDs and their details, for as long as you’re subscribed to our service.

That’s 28 exclusive products a month.

The average product we serve to our customers has 1,415 sales/month, $2.16 commission per sale, and 3.73 available influencer video slots (dynamic live stats).

With 10% pre-purchase view rate on the Amazon product's details page, an average product served by AffiliateWorthy can generate $306 in Amazon Influencer onsite revenue per month.

After signing up, you have the option to choose the category you want your products to come from. We have over 50 categories you can choose from, and you can choose multiple categories, with the number of products you want from each category.

You can change your category settings at any point from your account page.

Our interface is user-friendly.

The Amazon product IDs and their details are displayed in a simple table, on one simple dedicated page.

We also email you when we add products to your list.

No, the Private Products you get from us are shared with you exclusively. Every customer gets different and unique Private Products, and we never share a product more than once in total.

If at any time you find out that we shared a Private Product with any of our customers besides you, and you give us proof, you will get a full refund for your subscription’s last month.

Yes. You can cancel your subscription at any point, even during the free 7-days trial period, from this PayPal link, which also appears in your AffiliateWorthy account page.

You don't need a PayPal account to use your credit card for the subscription, as our secure PayPal gateway accepts credit card payments as well, without the need of a PayPal account.