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Blog post about amazon influencer videos

Amazon Influencer Videos: Your Complete Guide

The Amazon Influencer Program now makes it possible for Amazon Influencers to recommend products in video format. These videos can be referred to as Amazon Influencer Videos.

The way it works is, you record a video about the product, or record a video that mentions the product, refer to it, and earn commission every time someone viewed the video and was influenced by you to buy it.

The Amazon Influencer Videos can either be uploaded as a post to your social media account, Your Amazon Storefront, or placed on the website, for example in an Amazon product details page top video carousel.

Amazon sometimes refers to these videos as Shoppable Videos, i.e videos that can help you discover or decide about purchasing a product.

What are the 2 types of Amazon Influencer Videos?

According to Amazon, successful Shoppable Videos are ones that do one of two following things:

  1. They help discover new products (we call this type “Discovery & Inspiration Videos”).
  2. They help the customer feel confident about his purchase (we call this type “Product Insight Videos”).

The first type is usually found in places of the website dedicated to finding new trends, new arrivals.

The second type typically appears in product details pages, where the customer wants to know more about the product before purchasing it.

Where might the videos appear throughout the website?

As mentioned before, the Amazon Influencer Videos can be uploaded outside of the website, but you, as an Influencer who wants to maximize his earnings, should strive for your videos to appear throughout the website.

Areas where Amazon Influencer Videos might appear within website are the homepage, Amazon Live, Amazon Inspire and the Amazon Details page.

Type of Amazon Influencer Video

Locations it might appear in

Discovery & Inspiration Videos

Homepage, Amazon Live, Amazon Inspire

Product Insight Videos

Amazon Details Page (AKA product page)

The following screenshot is an example of a product page that has Amazon Influencer videos. To see the videos, the Amazon customer needs to click the video button marked in red. Then a pop up will show, which is actually the gallery. The videos marked in red are videos created by Amazon Influencers.

Screenshots of Amazon Influencer videos located in a details page of an Amazon product.

What are the commission rates for Amazon Influencer Videos?

The commission rates for Amazon Influencer Videos range from 0.50% - 20%, depending on the category of the product you are promoting.

There is also a difference in commission rates between onsite sales and referral sales. First, let’s look at what each of these terms mean:

Referral sales (or offsite sales) are the sales that occurred by you referring a person from an external website to

Onsite sales are the sales that you influenced which occurred inside

On average, referral sales use higher commission rates, as it is harder to get a user from outside to purchase a product.

Although onsite sales use lower commission rates on average, there is the advantage that an Amazon customer that is already browsing is much more likely to make a purchase, especially on the product page.

Here are 4 popular product categories and their commission rates:

To browse the extensive list of exact commission rates for each category and commission type, you can refer to this Amazon Influencer Commission Rates Table.

How much money can I expect to earn per video?

Depending on the situation, you can earn anywhere from a few dollars per day up to thousands of dollars per day. The range is so big because it really depends on which product you decide to review.

For example, if you decide to make a video review for a product that costs $10 and has a commission rate of 5% ($0.50 revenue per sale), and has 1,000 sales per month, and your Amazon Influencer video is viewed in the product page by 10% of the people who visit the product page before they purchase the product - you will earn $50 every month. Assuming no big change in metrics, throughout a period of 6 months, you’ll make $300 for that video.

The most profitable Amazon Influencers dedicate a big chunk of their time looking for products with high commissions and high sales.

The higher these metrics are for a product, the higher their earnings.

As you can imagine, these products are not easy to come by.

Finding the right product to make an Amazon Influencer Video for

From a Nov’ 2023 study we conducted on 2,151 products, less than 3% of the products met all of AffiliateWorthy’s standards;

Square area chart that visualizes the rate of products that are worth promoting as an Amazon Influencer that is looking to create Amazon Influencer videos to be displayed in the Amazon product's details page.

Finding 1 product that meets all of these standards takes about an hour or so if you have experience with navigating the Amazon website and product pages.

This means that if you are looking to review products at scale, with the intention of creating Amazon Influencer Videos, this might take about 25% of the time on your schedule.

You can also save yourself the time and hassle of product research with AffiliateWorthy’s Private Products Service, which adds exclusive worthy ASINs (product IDs) to your account every Monday. Start your free 30-days Trial.

Who can and how to upload Amazon Influencer Videos to the website?

Amazon Influencers can upload Amazon Influencer Videos to their Storefront. They can visit their storefront by visiting “”.

After uploading a few videos together with tagging their matching product page, your videos will be reviewed and if eligible, are very likely to be used throughout the amazon website, creating for you another automated stream of income!

What are the guidelines for Amazon Influencer Videos?

As mentioned earlier, if you want your videos to appear throughout and earn onsite commission from people who browse, the videos that you upload to your storefront must follow Amazon’s official guidelines for Amazon Influencer Videos.

Regarding format and size, Amazon requires the videos to be in .mp4 or .mov, and under 5GB.

How long does it take Amazon to approve videos?

It generally takes between 2-3 days from time of video submission to the storefront until a video is approved by the Amazon Influencer Program Team.