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Blog post about amazon review video commission

Amazon Review Video Commission: The Full Guide

Amazon pays Amazon review video commission to Amazon Influencers for sales that were influenced by them.

It does that as part of the Amazon Influencer Program, which is a program for influencers from across the web to promote Amazon products (in various digital forms - of which an Amazon review video is one of them) and earn a commission when they influence someone to purchase a product.

To find out the average Amazon review video commission, we recently looked at 3,000+ products on, from various categories and at an average price of $75.

We found that the average onsite commission rate for these products was 2.57%, which means $1.92 commission earning per successful influenced purchase.

How is the Amazon review video commission determined on a granular level?

Different products will yield different commissions. This is because Amazon has a commission structure it uses to assign each product a certain commission rate.

The term “commission rate” represents the percentile of the product’s price which will be used to calculate the commission. Product price X Commission Rate = Commission in dollars.

To find the commission per sale of the product, we need to determine:

  1. Where the influence to buy a product occurs.
  2. What category the product belongs to.

In the case of a sale that was influenced by an Amazon review video on the website, we should use the onsite commission rates.

In case of a sale that was influenced by a referral to Amazon from an external source (like an Amazon review video on Youtube for example), we should use the offsite commission rates.

To look for categories and their onsite and offsite commission, you can use our searchable Amazon Influencer Commission Rates Table.

Demonstration of how to search for categories and their onsite and offsite commissions, with AffiliateWorthy's searchable Amazon Influencer Commission Rates Table.

Then, once we have the commission rate, we can take the price of the product and multiply it with the commission rate we determined for the product, and find out the commission in dollars we will earn per successful sale influenced from our Amazon review video.

If you’re using Google Chrome on your desktop, a quicker way to get the commissions for a product would be using our CommissionCheck Chrome extension.

The extension adds a small button at the top right side of your browser, which you can press and get the commission rates and commissions in dollars for the Amazon product you’re browsing.

CommissionCheck is absolutely free and available for download here.

Where are the Amazon review videos placed?

As mentioned earlier, an Amazon review video can appear throughout or on an external platform, like social media websites and apps, like youtube, TikTok, Instagram.

Amazon review videos tend to appear mostly on the Amazon product details page. This is because of the nature of this type of video, which can be defined as insightful and detailed. The objective of the Amazon review video is to help the user make a confident purchase.

Below is a screenshot of the top part of the Amazon product details page, which has a videos button marked in red. Clicking the button opens the top video carousel, which includes in it Amazon review videos made by Amazon Influencers (marked with a red square).

Screenshots of Amazon Influencer videos located in a details page of an Amazon product.

Other Amazon non-review videos, that don’t go too deep into demonstrating how the product works but have more of a product discovery purpose, are usually found on TikTok and Instagram, as well on Amazon’s own platforms such as Amazon Live and Amazon Inspire.

What should be the objective when making an Amazon review video?

As mentioned earlier, the objective of an Amazon review video that appears in the Amazon product page should be to help the user make a confident purchase.

It's important to emphasize this guideline made by Amazon regarding Amazon review videos. Amazon  knows best what videos work and earn the most earnings.

How to choose profitable products for Amazon review videos

Besides commission per sale we talked about earlier, there are two more things that you need to think about before choosing a product to make an Amazon review video for:

  1. The number of sales per month the product gets.
  2. The number of other Amazon review videos for the product (in case you plan for the Amazon review video to be placed on the Amazon product page).

The reason monthly sales are important to know before pursuing a product, is because more sales indicate more page views for the product details page.

More pageviews for a product details page also inherently means more clicks and views of your Amazon review video, which appears on the details page.

More Amazon review video clicks and views of your video, means more people were influenced by your video. Which means higher monthly commission earnings from that Amazon review video.    

That’s why finding out the number of sales is important if you’re looking to earn a high monthly Amazon review video commission.

The other thing you need to be aware of is the number of Amazon review videos that will compete against your Amazon review video in the product’s details page’s top video carousel.

The top carousel illustrated in the screenshot earlier has a finite amount of video slots. Amazon generally allows a total of 6 videos for a product page, and that includes videos from the  merchant, the Amazon Influencers, and customers as well.

Because you want to maximize the chance of your video appearing in the top video carousel, you should aim to make Amazon review videos for products with a low count of videos in the video carousel. This ensures your videos are not competing for attention with other videos, increasing your rate of successful purchases influenced by your Amazon review video.

BTW, If there is no video button in the product details page, It indicates that the seller or Amazon did not enable the videos feature for the video carousel, which means you should not make an Amazon review video for that product if you want it to appear on the product details page top carousel.

How to maximize your earnings from Amazon review videos

As we talked about in this blog post, the monthly Amazon review video commission you will earn is solely determined by the product you choose to promote.

Product research and then choosing the right product to make an Amazon review video is so important, we can’t emphasize it enough.

Not doing product research before making an Amazon review video is like cutting a tree without sharpening your knife. You could save yourself so much time by just doing it before putting blade to wood.

If you decide to make Amazon review videos with the goal of them appearing on product details page top video carousel, you should do what top Amazon Influencers that pursue this goal do.

They focus on high-commission products, with low competition, i.e not too many videos by other Amazon Influencers in the product details page top carousel.

In a recent study of AffiliateWorthy across 2,151 Amazon products, we found that only ~3% of products on met our high-commission low competition criteria:

Square area chart that visualizes the rate of products that are worth promoting as an Amazon Influencer that is looking to create Amazon Influencer videos to be displayed in the Amazon product's details page. 

If you want to maximize your earnings by focusing on your Amazon review video production and reducing product research time, you can use AffiliateWorthy's Private Products service.

Subscribers to the Private Products service get ASINs (products) added to their account, with all the data you need about the product, including sales and commission in dollars. And the most important part is that all ASINs are worth promoting, following these standards:

The service frees you from needing to do product research yourself, saving you ~25% of your time that would otherwise be spent on product research.

We are currently also offering a free 30-day trial. Sign up here now.