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Blog post about amazon onsite commission

Amazon Onsite Commission: What You Need to Know

The Amazon onsite commission rates range from 0.5% to 5% of the price of the product.

The commission is given to Amazon Influencers that upload content to the Amazon website directly. This is in contrast to off-site commission, which is given to Amazon influencers that refer to the website from an external source, like a website or a social media app.

To compare between offsite and onsite commission rates for Amazon influencers, as in the screen recording below, you can click here.

Demonstration of how to search for categories and their onsite and offsite commissions, with AffiliateWorthy's searchable Amazon Influencer Commission Rates Table.

The content types that can be uploaded to the website in order to earn Amazon onsite commission is as following:

  1. Videos
  2. Photos
  3. Idea lists

These pieces of content will be used by Amazon throughout the website. This can be in a product details page, Amazon Inspire tik-tok-like platform, Amazon storefront of the Amazon influencer, and more.

How to add onsite video content to to start earning Amazon onsite commission?

First of all, you need to be an Amazon influencer, which means you are registered to the Amazon Influencer Program.

Then, as an Amazon Influencer, you need to upload 3 videos to your storefront. Make sure your Amazon Influencer videos meet the Amazon video content guidelines, otherwise they will not get approved.

You will then have to wait until you get an approval message from Amazon, which tells you your content is now eligible for Amazon onsite commission.

It looks like this:

From that point videos with a tagged product in your storefront might also show up in their product details page, so anyone who visits that product page sees it.

What to be aware of to prevent low Amazon onsite commission earnings

Your Amazon review video commissions will vary widely depending on what products you choose to promote.

The commission fee per sale you will get for a product depends on 3 things:

  1. Product category, because different categories use different commission rates.
  2. Product price, because the price is multiplied by the product category’s commission rate.
  3. Product monthly sales, because products with high past sales indicate future high sales.

In addition to these three points, you should also maximize the odds of your video actually showing up in the top carousel of the product’s details page after you upload it, so people can click and view it.

You do that by targeting products with available video slots in the top carousel - i.e low count of review videos by other Amazon influencers.

No videos at all by other influencers might indicate that the feature of onsite videos was not enabled for the product, hence the product should not be pursued.

Although this process of looking for the right products to promote takes time, you really don’t want to end up earning a few cents for a product video you spent time and energy to produce, only because you didn’t do the research that was necessary.

AffiliateWorthy’s Private Products service does the painful and time-consuming task of product research for you, finds products that are worth promoting, and adds them to your account on a weekly basis.

This means you start the week with ideas for products you know are well worth your time and effort of video production.

Products with high commission and high sales, and very importantly– available Amazon Influencer video slots will be waiting for you in a dedicated page only you can view.

You can read more about the Private Products service here, or if you’re ready to go, sign up for a free 30-day trial here.

Screenshot of Affiliate Worthy's Private Products page, where ASINs that AffiliateWorthy has found to be worth promoting as an Amazon Influencer to get Amazon onsite commission are shared privately and exclusively.