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Blog post about amazon top video carousel

Amazon top video carousel: Breaking it down

The Amazon top video carousel is a popup block that opens after clicking the button with the video icon in the Amazon product details page.

Amazon product details page with the video button that opens the Amazon top video carousel marked in red

After clicking the button with the play icon on it, an in-page popup will open, showing a list on the right of it of videos for the product. This list is divided into 1-3 sections:

  1. “Videos for this product” - these are videos uploaded by the merchant.
  2.  “Related videos” - these are videos uploaded by Amazon influencers, who earn Amazon onsite commission.
  3. “Customer review videos” - these are videos uploaded by customers.

Amazon top video carousel, with video created by Amazon influencers enclosed within a red square.

What are Amazon top video carousel video slots?

These are the video placements on the right side of the Amazon top video carousel. Each placement is called by Amazon influencers a “video slot”.

The Amazon top video carousel in a product details page is allowed to have a maximum of 6 videos in it in many cases.

How do I maximize the chances of my Amazon Influencer product review videos to appear in the Amazon top video carousel?

In order to maximize the odds of your Amazon review videos to be seen on product pages, you should aim to review videos with minimal (but not zero) available video slots.

This will ensure that the product has the Amazon influencer video section enabled, but the competition with other Amazon Influencer videos is low.

You can sign up to AffiliateWorthy’s Private Products service, which monthly assigns to your account 28 ASINs with available video slots and with high commissions. Amazon Influencers use this service to save them time and effort associated with Amazon Influencer product research, so they can focus on creating videos.

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